The Training That Ringette Athletes Do

Although very similar to hockey, Ringette is in a number of ways more unique and exciting. The game of Ringette is played by two teams of six players each, one player on each team is the goalie. The game is won by outscoring the opponent; shooting the RINGETTE ring into the opponent’s goal post. The equipment required to play the game of Ringette include; the Ringette stick, Ringette ring, ice skates, shin pads, Ringette pant, gloves, elbow pads, protective girdle, neck guard, helmet and Ringette mask, mouth guard and shoulder pads.

This Canadian originated sport although not widely known before now, is gaining more recognition with years. Although similar in hockey in the use of sticks, hockey equipment, and the same goal, a number of contrasts make the game of Ringette unique, they are;

  • Ringette is a game of speed
  • Ringette ring is played at instead of the hockey
  • Intentional body contact is not accepted in the game

After 30 seconds of possessing the ring, if a team hasn’t shot it, the ring is withdrawn and handed to the opposing team.

Like every other sport, Ringette requires skills and adequate training to be played successfully and as a career. The Ringette training that the athletes do are;

• Psychological conditioning: Ringette is a game of teamwork, member participation, focus and goal orientation. Athletes are enlightened by professionals who have experience and skill in the game and as such are well prepared for the game. The athlete’s mental health is worked on so as to handle other qualities that’ll ensure a fair play and ultimate win.

• Healthy diet: Clean and healthy eating is also critical for players both to have the energy to keep up with the rigorous workouts and to continuously develop their bodies.  A targeted Keto Diet plan is used by many athletes to provide them the nutrition and energy they need.

• Speed and skating skills: Ringette is a game of speed and excellent skating ability. Athletes undergo various speed training and tests to ensure that they play with the required speed on the ice. At various training times, they are readied for the speed rules of the game. One of which is that players must move very quickly while playing and the second is that the ring must not be handled for more than 30 seconds by a team (this is to ensure a definite shoot) and at default, the ring is withdrawn and handed to the opposing team.

• Agility and strength: To successfully play the game of Ringette, agility and sufficient strength is are required. And as such all athletes; male and female are made to go through series of strength exercises including weight lifting, pushups, run-ups, squat thrusts and other such training.  The cyclical ketogenic diet is an alternative that a lot of athletes turn too in order to help with their strength.

• Teamwork and team strategies: The major advantage of Ringette teamwork, for it, is a major criterion for winning the game. Athletes are trained in various teamwork activities including puzzles, quests, and physical off-ice actions. They are at times grouped into teams while training, this allows the practice of teamwork. Ringette also provides the chance for the participation of every member of each team.

Although Ringette was pioneered on the ice, a second version has been developed; the indoor Ringette. While Ringette a game developed in Canada and many people are not familiar with the game, it is already being played in Finland, Sweden, the United States, France, Slovakia, Russia, the Czech Republic, Abu Dhabi, among others and might soon be played in Olympic.

On a final note, Ringette, unlike other sports, is open to players as young as 6 and every athlete is trained to have an excellent play at the sport.